JANE THE VIRGIN, Television Comedy Episode 313 – Shadowing Director with Zetna Fuentes – An incredible opportunity to shadow the prolific Zetna Fuentes on the fantastic Jane The Virgin, now shooting its third season for The CW.

SHARK PARTY Short Film, 2016 – Director/Producer – Shoot ‘Em Up is a Los Angeles based show produced by Gary Buchler and Monte LaMonte that explores the evolution of a story, to a script, to a film & takes place over three events during a three-month period. Starting out with a night of storytelling, 6 storytellers tell true stories from their lives. Those stories are then given to screenwriters who have a month to create a screenplay inspired by the story they are assigned. We come back a month later and have a live table read of the screenplays. The screenplays are then given to filmmakers who have a month to shoot a short inspired by the screenplays. And for one last time we come together again and screen the shorts inspired by the screenplays (inspired by the stories)

BLACK COP DAY, Picked Up Web Series Pilot, 2016 – Director – Picked Up is a web series created by Will Doughty, Bo Youngblood & Tessa Rae that follows the exploits of a casting superstar and the inner workings of his casting office. Mockumentary sitcom genre. 

THINK FAST Short Film, 2016 – Director/Producer – I was hired to direct this fully funded short film with some cast and department heads attached in October 2015. I was a driving force behind the project.and was hired as producer as well. I have taken this film from passion project to reality. Recently completed, Think Fast is now being submitted to festivals.

TRANSPARENT Television Comedy Episode 204, 2015  –  Shadowing Director with Stacie Passon – Through my relationship network I met Jill Soloway and Andrea Sperling and requested the opportunity to shadow on the set of Transparent to gain experience with a comedy series shot outside the studio system for a streaming service.

SCORPION Television Procedural Drama Episode 111, 2014  –  Shadowing Director with Mel Damski – Through my relationship network I reached out to Scorpion creator, Nick Santora (Prison Break) and had the opportunity to shadow veteran television director Mel Damski on an hour long, action-filled drama, to expand my understanding of and experience with network television production. I was given the opportunity to plot out scenes and work directly with the actors during production.

THE GOLDBERGS Television Comedy Episode 206, 2014  –  Shadowing Director with Director David Katzenberg – Through my relationship network I met David Katzenberg, who gave me full access to the pre-production, production and post process on a traditional half hour comedy.

THE VOLUNTEER Feature Film, 2013 (Best Narrative Feature – Urbanworld Film Festival)  –  Producer – I was the creative producer on The Volunteer, responsible for working with the writer/director to develop the script and then overseeing the activities of the co-producers and line producer, creating and managing the budget and working with department heads and talent to ensure a cohesive and high production-value film.

HERMAN & SHELLY Feature Film, 2011  –  Director/Writer/Producer – I wrote, directed and produced my first feature film thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign and courting several private investors. Upon completion, Herman & Shelly was immediately picked up by Cinetic and distributed digitally through VOD, Amazon, Youtube and several other digital platforms.

COFFEE Short Film, 2008 (Official Selection – SXSW)  –  Producer


INSTANT PICTURES – Producer/Director/Writer                 2009-Present

Co-founded an independent film production company.

RAD FILMS – Producer                                                                       2016-Present

Producer on an untitled Netflix Original Documentary feature.

UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD – Adjunct Professor                       2011-2013

BEV PICTURES – Principal/Partner                                                     2008-2011

Co-founded an Independent film distribution company to release films theatrically & semi-theatrically.

NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY – Instructor                                     2009-2010

An intensive international filmmaking school.

BOB MARLEY DOCUMENTARY – Research Coordinator          2008-2009

A Jonathan Demme directed documentary about the life of Bob Marley.

ELEPHANT EYE FILMS – Director, Production & Distribution  2007-2008

New York City based company that produced, distributed and sold independent feature films.

IFC FILMS – Coordinator (Marketing & Publicity)                       2005-2007

Renowned film distribution company, distributing over 50 titles annually.

Education: Brown University, Providence, RI; B.A. Art Semiotics & Africana Studies

Linguistics: Fluent Spanish and conversational Portuguese.

Member: Film Fatales, Film Fatales Mamas